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Krissman International Dance School (KIDS) has been serving the international community in Tokyo for the last 29 years with professional ballet instruction from ages two and a half to adults!  Keiko Krissman was a former dancer, soloist and still a current member of the Momo-Tani Ballet Company. She has danced professionally in some of the most loved ballets, such as Romeo & Juliet, Gisele, Swan Lake, Spartacus, and numerous others.

Keiko began her international ballet school where all the instruction is in English, in 1987. Her philosophy is that ballet should be fun, but should also convey a sense of discipline and style that promotes confidence and elegance within each student. The school motto is “All Children Can Dance” and this is reflected in our school wide performances that are staged at all levels to participate in.


Ms. Krissman is also the only instructor so the children are guaranteed only the best personal attention and instruction. Spaces are limited and the schools are mostly promoted by word of mouth with friends inviting other friends which results in many classes being wait listed.


Ballet is considered the most elegant and demanding of the performing arts and every young girl dreams of dancing as a plumb fairy in The Nutcracker or a graceful swan in Swan Lake. At KIDS, the philosophy is that ballet can be introduced to children of all ages in a manner that is fun and enjoyable, and at the same time establish the discipline and eloquence that is required in this most beautiful of arts.

Children learn to love the movements and the fantasy that is born with the music, while learning the positions, proper posture and confidence that comes with achieving goals. They laugh, they learn, they love ballet class!

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